School Breakfast & Lunch 2019-2020

Menus and Meal Choices

  • Breakfast is “Grab and Go” and is provided each morning as students arrive in the classroom.
    • A Complete Breakfast consists of 4 components of which the student must take at least 3 (with one being a fruit or vegetable).
  • Students will pre-order their Lunch entrée selection each morning in their classroom.
    • We provide 2 choices for lunch on a daily basis – Lunch A or Lunch B.
    • At lunch time, students line up in order of their lunch choice to go through the serving line. 
    • A Compete Lunch is made up of 5 healthy components which are protein, vegetable, milk, fruit or juice, and bread. Students must take 3 of the 5 components (one of which must be a fruit or vegetable).
  • Check the menu daily to decide if one of the 2 choices will suit your dietary needs. 
    • To ensure dietary preferences are met, packing lunch from home is always allowed.
  • NutriSlice Menus are posted on our website on a monthly basis. 
  • NutriSlice has an app for your phone so you can view our menus.


You have 3 options to provide meals for your child: 

  1. If you qualify for free meals, your child can get meals at school at no cost to you after you complete your application,
  2. If you qualify for reduced meals or are full pay status, you will deposit funds on your School Café account to pay for school meals,
  3. You may choose to pack lunches from home and opt-out of the school lunch program.

2019-2020 Prices

Full Price    $ 1.25
Reduced    $ .30 cents
Full Price   $ 2.70
Reduced   $ .40 cents

How to Opt-Out of Food Services Program

“I do not want my child buying lunch or incurring charges – how do I prevent that?”

  • If you do not want to participate in the school lunch program here at MRCS, you may opt-out and decide to pack lunches for this school year. 
  • Please complete the MRCS OPT-OUT form available on our website.  We will place a BLOCK on your account for the 2019-2020 school year and we will not offer meals to your child.  This will prevent unexpected charges on your account.
  • Please complete the MRCS OPT-OUT FORM marking either Breakfast or Lunch or both for the meals you do not want your child to receive.
    • Be sure to include your email address on the form.
    • We will confirm receipt of your form via email.

General Guidelines and Policies

  • A la carte milk or juice is available every day for $.50 - as long as there are funds available on your school cafe payment account.
    • Even if you qualify for free meals, a la carte milk or juice is not free – you must take the entire meal or you must have funds available on your account.
  • MRCS does not accept cash – School Café accounts are pre-paid online like a debit account.
  • If your student does not drink milk, he/she may choose another dietary component or get a cup of water from the fountain.
  • We do not substitute milk preferences.
  • If you do not want your child to receive breakfast or lunch, please opt-out by completing and submitting your MRCS OPT-OUT FORM so we do not offer food to your child.

How to Apply for Benefits

  • We urge all parents to apply for free or reduced benefits by completing the online application at
    • You will need the SERVICES ID# provided by MRCS to identify your student.
    • Parents will need to create an account by registering at
  • Be sure to select Montessori Regional CS as your school district.
    • It is not Erie or Millcreek
  • To complete the application you will need to provide:
    • A list of all household members,
    • your gross household income and
    • your social security number.

What is my Payment Status?

  • Incoming Kindergarten households are on Full Pay status until your free or reduced application has been processed.  Please plan on packing lunches from home or loading money onto your School Café payment account until you receive your status notification.
    • You can inquire about your status by sending an email to:
  • If you have already received notification of your free status, you do not have to set up a School Café account or pack lunch.
  • All applications are processed within 10 days of receipt.
  • If you do not apply for free or reduced benefits by approximately September 30th (within the first 30 days of school each year), you will automatically be determined to be full pay status, however, you can submit a new application at any point during the school year. 
  • Students eligible for free meals can receive a breakfast and lunch at no cost.

How to Set up your Payment Account

  • Households that are determined to be full pay status or if you qualified for reduced benefits, you must set up a payment account to provide meals for your child.
    • You will need the SERVICES ID# provided by MRCS to identify your student.
    • Parents will need to create an account by registering at
    • Be sure to select Montessori Regional CS as your school district.
      • It is not Erie or Millcreek
    • Set up your payment information and load funds on the account. 
      • You can also set up a “low balance reminder.


If you do not have computer access or a debit/credit card and cannot make online payments, you can drop off or mail a check or money order to the office at:

Montessori Regional Charter School
Food Services
2549 West 8th Street
Erie, PA 16505


If you have any questions, please email