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End of Day Dismissal    

814-833-7771     Ext.  170

Early Dismissal    

814-833-7771      Ext.  170

Attendance (Report Absences)

814-833-7771     Ext.  171

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Administrative Office

Montessori Regional Charter School

2549 W. 8th Street
Erie, Pennsylvania 16505

Phone: 814.833.7771
Fax:   814.833.1838 

Hours:  8:00 am - 3:30 pm
Monday - Friday

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Public Records Inquiries

Attn: Open Records Officer

Michele Reed
Montessori Regional Charter School
2549 W. 8th Street
Erie, Pennsylvania 16505


Keep In Touch

The best way to keep in touch with us is through email.  Below you will find a list of common situations or issues and who you should contact regarding that issue. If your concern is not addressed on this list please send email to

If you are looking for forms, please go to the forms page



End of Day Dismissal (before 2:00 pm please)     
814-833-7771     Ext. 170 

Early Dismissal (no early dismissal after 2:15)     
814-833-7771     Ext. 170 

Attendance Questions / Report Absence     
814-833-7771     Ext.171 

Academic Issues     
Your Child's Teacher        
See Personnel Directories 

Address Change / Phone Change     
814-833-7771     Ext. 102     
See Change of Address Information 

Can't Find A Form On The Website    
Administrative Office
814-833-7771     Ext. 110     
See Important Forms Page

Discipline Policy/Issues   
814-833-7771    Ext. 204     

 814-833-7771    Ext. 102     
See Enrollment Page

Food Service Menu or Billing     
See Food Service Page

Student Health Services     
School Nurse 
814-833-7771     Ext. 111     

Student Services / Title I      
Director of Student Services
814-833-7771     Ext. 120     
See Title 1 Page

Transportation - General Questions     
Administrative Manager
814-833-7771     Ext. 206     
See Transportation Page