Montessori Regional Charter School began in 1978 as Montessori Children’s House of Erie, a private non-profit school offering a premier Montessori education to children in the Erie region. The school’s highly trained Montessori faculty and the Board of Directors was continually looking for ways to broaden the reach of the Montessori philosophy and find ways to offer this unique, hands on education to as many children as possible.

When Pennsylvania charter school law was changed in 2000, the teachers and families of Montessori Children's House saw this as an opportunity to bring many years of quality Montessori education to all the children of the Erie region. This was their opportunity to break economic barriers and offer this unique, quality education at a public school price.

The 2004-2005 school year was the first year of operation for MRCS, providing tuition-free Montessori education to children in Kindergarten through sixth grade. This put MRCS in the position as the Montessori leader in the Erie region, providing the highest quality Montessori education for children from Kindergarten to sixth grade. By blending the qualities of the private school with the resources and accountability of public schools, MRCS provides a private school quality education at a public school price.

Since becoming a public Charter School in 2004-2005, the school has been growing at a fast pace and will continue to expand over the next several years. Led by a Board of Trustees and guided by a faculty that hold both Pennsylvania teaching credentials and rigorous additional Montessori training, the school is committed to the highest quality academic preparation that the Erie region has to offer.