Middle Elementary Education (Third and Fourth Grade)

In this program students learn and develop fundamental skills that play an important role throughout their academic career. The curriculum is outlined in such a way that each child's progress is personalized to his or her pace. It challenges the most able student and offers the flexibility necessary to support children's different learning styles. This is evident when one enters the classrooms. At any time of the day, one might see children building timelines, recording science experiments, writing book reports and compositions, administering spelling tests to one another or solving mathematical problems. 

Language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and history are the core of the academic program. Language arts include reading, phonics, literature, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and writing. Reading is an integral part of all areas of the curriculum. The mathematics program provides the groundwork for a firm understanding of basic mathematical concepts. Students are actively involved in problem-solving and gain a concrete understanding of mathematical principles through the use of manipulative materials.

In addition to this core curriculum, social studies, computers, science, foreign language, music, art and physical education are part of the Elementary program. The student also experiences a well defined social system operating within the class. The class is a community where children work and learn together in harmony while retaining their individuality. With the teachers' support and direction, the children strive to become responsible for their own behavior and to help the community by observing the rules necessary for peaceful living.