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Specials Color Rotation

We have six different specials classes (Art, Career Education, Healthy Living, Library/Resource Studies, Music, and Physical Education). Students will attend each class on a rotating color schedule all year. Each day of school will be a red day, orange day, or yellow day.

This schedule will ensure that students won’t miss the same specials each time we have a scheduled day off. When we miss a day of school, the next day will be the next color. 

For example, rather than students having Healthy Living every Monday; they will have Healthy Living every RED day.

Exception: In the event of a snow day, the snow make-up day will be the color of whatever day was missed.

Please see the color schedule for your child’s class.

Kindergarten Specials
Lower Elementary Specials
Middle Elementary Specials
Upper Elementary Specials


Questions to ask your Montessori student about his/her school day

  1. How many pieces of work did you put on your work plan today? What were they?
  2. How many pieces of work did you finish today? Which one did you like working on the best?
    • At MRCS we refer to the materials and the student interactions with them as work.
    • MRCS students use work plans to plan and record the completion of the work they need to accomplish each day.
  3. Which material did you like using today? What was special about it?
    • Montessori materials are concrete learning activities carefully designed to teach new concepts and encourage student exploration and independence.
  4. Were you able to choose a free choice activity today? What was it? What did you like best about working on that activity?
    • Free choice activities are materials and follow-up work that are of special interest to the students. They may be chosen when the necessary work has been completed.
  5. What are you learning about in Cultures? Tell me one interesting fact.
    • Cultures includes topics in Biology, Zoology, Science, History, and Geography.
  6. Tell me about the best part of your day today. The best part of my day was. . .
  7. Which subject do you think is easy/ hard? Why?
  8. Tell me about something funny that happened today?
  9. What could you show me that you learned today?
  10. When you need help with something, what do you do?

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