Kindergarten/Primary Program

Children experience an academically enriched environment within a well-ordered social community. The presence of these two factors is based on the principle that children absorb their environment, language, and culture in a way that is unique to this age.

A special characteristic of the Primary program is that the classroom encompasses the areas of learning and socializing that are designed to foster independence, concentration, self¬motivation and a love of learning.

Another feature of the Primary classroom is that the materials are accessible to the children. They are free to choose activities appropriate to their level and progress and develop at their own pace.

In addition to the core curriculum, Latin studies, music, art and physical education are part of the Kindergarten program.

To be eligible for Kindergarten, a student must meet their resident school district age requirement. See the Enrollment page for more information.

This Kindergarten Readiness Checklist provided by Erie Together is a great resource to help parents evaluate children and help them develop skills and prepare them for Kindergarten. 

Visit for more ideas, as well as other resources designed to help you prepare your child for Kindergarten.