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Why consider a Montessori Education?


Does your child have a joy and passion for learning?

Here are some of the ways a Montessori education keeps that flame burning.


A Montessori education fosters:

  • creative and innovative thinking 
  • initiative and self reliance
  • critical thinking
  • problem solving skills
  • the ability to lead
  • a love of learning


Below some famous Montessori graduates share how their Montessori experience shaped their success.


NBA MVP Stephen Curry: "Montessori helped me become the person I am today."


Near the beginning (0:54 - 1:55) of this TED Talk, Will Wright talks about highlight of his education being at a Montessori school from K to 6th grade.


See more videos and information on the American Montessori Society website "To get a feel for what Montessori is all about, there’s nothing like seeing it in action!"