What is the MRCS Care Team?

The MRCS Care Team is a program for students who demonstrate a need for support in academics, attendance, and/or mental health counseling. The MRCS Care Team are trained school staff who work alongside parents/guardians to discuss resources and establish a plan to maximize the student’s success.

What is the MRCS Care Team?

The MRCS Care Team members are school personnel who are specially trained to work with students and their parents. The core team consists of the following:

Ms. Diane
Mental Health Therapist 
Ms. Vanessa
Behavior Support Coordinator 
Ms. Amanda
School Nurse 
Ms. Meredith
School Psychologist 
Ms. Christine
Specials Teacher 
Ms. Bree
Assistant Principal 
Mr. Michael
Pyramid Health Inc Liaison 
Drug & Alcohol Counselor


See the attached flyers for more information.

MRCS Care Team - Student Assistance Program

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