2021-2022 Food Services Program

Menu for May 16 - May 27 2022

Special Events for May 2022

School Breakfast & Lunch:  Menus and Meal Choices

  • Breakfast is provided each morning as students arrive in the classrooms.

    • A Complete Breakfast consists of 4 components of which the student must take at least 3 (with one being a fruit or vegetable).

    • We provide at least 3 choices for lunch on a daily basis –

    • A Compete Lunch is made up of 5 healthy components which are protein, vegetable, milk, fruit or juice, and bread. Students must take 3 of the 5 components (one of which must be a fruit or vegetable).

  • Check the menu daily to decide if one of the 3 choices will suit your dietary needs.  

    • To ensure dietary preferences are met, packing lunch from home is always allowed.

    • Menus are posted on our website on a regular basis.  

Food Service Options:

  1. All enrolled MRCS students are eligible to receive breakfast and lunch at no cost to you.  (All students eat FREE for the 2021-2022 school year)

  2. You may choose to pack lunches from home.

General Guidelines and Policies

  • If your child brings a lunch from home he/she has the opportunity to add items from the cafeteria to supplement their bagged lunch.

    • A minimum of 3 items must be added to take advantage of this option.  Choices include:

      • Healthy fruits

      • Vegetables

      • Whole grain entrée

      • Milk

  • If your student does not drink milk, he/she may choose another dietary component, bring their water bottle to refill or get a cup of water from the bottle filler station.

  • We do not substitute milk preferences.

USDA Meals for Kids Site Finder


If you have any questions, please email foodservice@mrcserie.org