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Six to Nine Year Old Classrooms

The Six to Nine year old classrooms are located at our South Campus. Each classroom is staffed by a highly qualified classroom Teacher and one certified Teacher Assistant.
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NameTitleRoom #Email
Rebecca Schauffele Teacher 301 rschauffele@mrcserie.org 
Frank Lewis Teacher Assistant 301  
Jill Duncan Teacher 302 jduncan@mrcserie.org 
Carole Kossbiel Teacher Assistant 302  
Tina Williams Teacher 303 twilliams@mrcserie.org 
Monica Skelton Teacher Assistant 303  
Ashley Migdal Teacher 304 amigdal@mrcserie.org 
Katherine Facci Teacher Assistant 304  
Annette Hotchkiss Teacher 306 ahotchkiss@mrcserie.org 
Renee Kanski Teacher Assistant 306  
Kathy DeDad Teacher 307 kdedad@mrcserie.org 
Kandis Walter Teacher Assistant 307  
Shannon McGinnis Teacher 309 smcginnis@mrcserie.org 
Terra Carrier Teacher Assistant 309  
Kimberly Williams Teacher 311 kwilliams@mrcserie.org 
Jennifer Smith Teacher Assistant 311  
Showing 16 items