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Erie Busing/Childcare

posted Aug 15, 2017, 1:21 PM by The Webmaster
You are receiving this email because you requested that the Erie bus transport your child to a child care facility daily.

Today the Erie School District informed us that they will no longer transport directly to or from Childcare facilities.

You have several options.

You can contact your preferred child care provider and request that they pick up and drop off directly at our schools.  Many facilities are already doing this for other Erie Public schools.

You many use one one of the child care facilities that already provide service to and from our school daily.  Those providers are St. Paul, St. Martins and Pennbriar.  Please contact them directly for more information.

Both campuses at MRCS provide daily before and after care at a reasonable cost.  We also participate in CCIS which offers subsidized care for eligible low income families.  You can find more information about our program on our website.

As you know, the Erie School District is in charge of the transportation services and decisions related to transport.  

MRCS is working to provide information as  effectively and quickly as possible to support your families transportation needs.  

Please contact with questions.