Election Information

RE:  Board of Trustee Ratification Elections for Montessori Regional Charter School
Dear Members of the MRCS Community and Citizens of Erie County:
The Montessori Regional Charter School is governed by a no more than 9 member Board of Trustees who each serves a three year term of elected office. In November of each year a notice will be mailed to each MRCS family informing them of the perspective openings for the December to December term.

Candidates who wish to be considered for the Board of Trustees must meet the following list of criteria and qualifications: 

  • Be of full voting age – 18 years or above 
  • Residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 
  • Be able to obtain legally required federal and state criminal clearances 
  • Not be a member of the Board of Directors of a school district that has granted a charter to MRCS (Millcreek and Erie School District Directors)
  • Not be a Board member of any other Montessori School 
  • Not be an employee or spouse of an employee of Montessori Regional Charter School 
  • Not be a former employee who has been terminated  
  • Not be a former Board trustee who has been removed from the Board for cause 
  • Not be an individual who may engage in conduct which constitutes a conflict of interest as defined by the Pennsylvania Ethics Act, 65 Pa. §C.S.A. §1101. The conflicts of interest may involve competing loyalties or duties between a trustee’s position on the Board and a trustee’s employment, family or participation in other community activities 
  • Fully endorse the stated mission and vision of MRCS (see attached) 
  • Be able to commit to attend monthly Board meetings and attend committee meetings as appointed (on average approximately 7 hours per month) 
  • Be able to commit to a number of mandatory Board training sessions as necessary 
  • The nominating committee will consider candidates who bring strong executive or academic professional experience and a demonstrated record of success.  
Further, individuals who have a genuine interest in serving the school on the Board of Trustees must understand and commit to the following: 
The Board of Trustees is an organization that provides governance to the school. This means that the Board exercises authority over the school that meets the ethical and fiduciary requirements and responsibility to the owners of the school – the citizens of the State of Pennsylvania. The bylaws and policy manual of the Board requires that the Board of Trustees do the following:
  • Speak and Act as One – The Board of Trustees, as a group, has governance power and authority over the school. In other words, the Board speaks as one voice. Individual members of the Board of Trustees do not possess any power or authority to give directives to any school employee or to represent themselves as a Board representative to parents, or groups that have an interest in the school.
  • Delegate Authority and Ensure Accountability – The Board of Trustees policy manual has determined that the CEO of MRCS is the single point of accountability for the school’s policies, procedures, programs and academic performance. There is recognition that the Board of Trustees does not have the qualifications to manage the school. Therefore, the Board does not involve itself in the following activities: annual calendar, hiring and discharge decisions, curriculum assessment, extracurricular activities, professional development, spending authority within the approved budget and policy, disciplinary matters, pedagogical matters, decision making in regard to parental grievances as well as other management activities.
  • Govern as stewards rather than stakeholders – As a Board member, your first obligation is to the citizens of the state of Pennsylvania. Board members cannot represent the interests of a particular group of parents, or teachers or any other small constituency. Individuals whose goal in serving on the Board is to enable them to represent a particular group of parents or special interests will find themselves unable to fulfill that objective and in conflict with their fiduciary responsibilities within the Board policies, procedures and mission. 
Individuals interested in seeking a position on the Board of Trustees, must submit the following information to the MRCS Board of Trustees (c/o Tom Pendleton at MacDonald, Illig Attorneys 100 State Street, Suite 700, Erie, PA 16507 or at TPendleton@mijb.com)
  • Current resume or vita.
  • Written statement outlining the reasons for the interest in serving on the Board and the specific experience, qualities and qualifications that the individual might contribute to the Board of Trustees, Montessori Regional Charter School. 
  • Specific length of term(s).   

The Montessori Regional Charter School Board of Trustees

MRCS Mission Statement