School Performance Profile Letter

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of the CEO

November 182013

Dear parents and guardians in the Montessorcommunity,

It's my privilege to announce we have received our scores from the state exams. While we know effective education is more than just a test, we also recognize the PSSA is an important measure of our student's progress and achievement.

The results:
  • Our overall score on the new School Performance Profile (SPP) was higher than EVERY elementary school in the Erie AND Millcreek School districts!!
  • MRCS was ranked in the TOP 5% of the STATE in student progress, receiving a "Reward­ High Progress" accommodation from the federal government!
  • Our Math and Reading achievement scores increased, showing strong growth in both sectors.
  • Our writing scores jumped two academic levels, making us the top writing school in the Erie and Millcreek School Districts!
The School Performance Profile (SPP) is designed as a framework to encourage all schools, and their students, to achieve excellence. We are delighted our students did so well without sacrificing our student centered approach. We look forward to the day when every school can fulfill the academic potential for each child in Pennsylvania.

While we enjoy our accomplishments we will continue to strive for excellence. We never stop working to improve the core of our mission: the academic, social and emotional potential of our students.

This was a total team effort. Everyone was involved in order to make it happen. While it is truly an honor to work with so many dedicated professionals on a daily basis it is also a reflection of the care and attention you give your children every day. No matter what we do they can't be a success without you. Thank you for supporting your children and MRCS!

Anthony Pirrello